Viktor Medrano (vesperto) wrote,
Viktor Medrano

Mormon Afternoon

I met a few Mormons this afternoon. On a Lulu Island street, I met two Elders, a white American from Utah and a half-Korean half-American from Idaho, both with Mandarin name labels, with a logographic The Book of Mormon, and they spoke some Mandarin. They said their God was personal, whilst I maintained God was impersonal. I said Nature was an aspect of God. (I declared that I believed more in Science.) Then I went to Pizza Hut, where Sister Faleono (Samoan) from California and Sister Gertside (white) from Maryland were eating pizza. They said their church would have a barbecue.

Then also at Pizza Hut, I met a Buddha-looking Korean realtor. I talked about nostalgic Lulu Island when it was like Alaska in 1976. He was from Philadelphia. He mentioned that this place should be more like Philippines with more Filipinos. I told him South Korean drama was popular in the Philippines, and some there were learning Korean. I mentioned to him that many Korean magazines and modern books no longer used many Hanja logograms. North Koreans didn't use Hanja mostly. I also told him that many Koreans started living in the Philippines, especially in Manila.
Tags: spirita
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